Presentations and Training

Past Events

Buying Efficiency and Low Carbon Generation
Solar PV Operations & Maintenance Webinar Series (2021-2022)
Writing Solicitations for Energy Savings Webinar (2021)

How purchasing officers can cut energy costs and carbon emissions for their organization through effective solicitation language

Optimizing E-Procurement Systems for Sustainable Purchasing (2021)

Purchasers will explore what to request when acquiring a new ERP system and how to optimize their existing e-procurement system for sustainable purchasing.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy Development Webinar Series (2020-2021)
FEMP Contracting for Efficiency Training Series (2020)
Existing Array Storm Vulnerabilities & Risks Sub-Frame Deflection, Fastener & Module Damage Presentation (2020)

Highlights the potential need for retrofits and reinforcement of existing arrays as well as changes in codes and standards.

PV Hardware Vulnerabilities Revealed During Storm Stress Presentation

Discusses major failure modes in PV systems caused by storm damage and provides potential corrective actions/costs that can be used to mitigate damage.

Energy-Efficient Product Procurement Training

Helping agencies meet federal requirements on purchasing FEMP designated and Energy Star products. 

Sustainable Acquisition for Federal Agencies Training

Helps federal employees through the process of sustainable procurement.

Steering Large Organizations Toward Sustainability
A Five-Step Framework for Incorporating Sustainability into Organizations (2019)

Outlines a five-step framework for incorporating sustainability into organizations and reviews how to utilize Roles, Rules, and Tools in assessing organizations

Sustaining Sustainability: A Framework for Organizational Change Webinar (2015)

Covers strategies for individuals and organizations to achieve lasting, sustainable changes in energy performance.

Organizational Change Supporting Sustainability (2015)

Introduces the “Roles, Rules, and Tools” framework and the eight social science principles for effectiveness when promoting organizational change

Enabling Large Energy-Saving Projects
Taking Advantage of Demand Response and Time-Variable Pricing Offerings (2021)

Reviews demand response programs, why the programs are valuable, and examples of demand response programs utilized on federal sites. 

Making High Energy-Intensity Industry More Sustainable
Data Center Toolkit Webinar Series (2020-2021)
Opportunities for ESPCs in Data Centers Webinar (2020)

Presents an overview of opportunities for using energy saving performance contracts (ESPCs) as a mechanism to finance energy improvements in data centers

Guide for Quickly Estimating Air Management Energy Savings in Data Centers (2020)

Presents estimated energy savings for small data center chiller and fan equipment in a new tabular format for various air management upgrade scenarios. 

Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Training

Certifies energy practitioners qualified to evaluate the energy status and efficiency opportunities in data centers

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