Buying Efficiency and Low Carbon Generation

Our teams focus on the adoption of clean-energy technologies in the public and private sectors. We help bridge the gap between technology development and deployment by improving understanding of energy choices, technology adoption and sustainability. We provide technical assistance and guidance on the acquisition of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy systems, from planning and design through contracting, construction and operations.


What does “sustainable acquisition" mean?

Making the most of energy supplies and minimizing the adverse impacts of energy production and consumption are key facets of sustainability. When public and private entities buy energy-using and -producing systems, those decisions determine the long-term sustainability of those sectors of the economy. Acquisition is more than just purchasing goods and services. It is a continuum of actions from strategic planning through design and contracting to operations and decommissioning. Through research, education and technical assistance, the Sustainable Operations Group collaborates with acquisition professionals to enhance sustainability and productivity in the energy economy.


Recognition of Exemplary and Innovative Procurement of Sustainable Products

The Berkeley Lab Sustainable Procurement team wants to hear about successful procurement of sustainable products for federal use. We feel innovative or consistent compliance with federal requirements for procuring energy-efficient products deserves accolades and recognition to leading examples. Bring those examples to our attention via filling out a Google form here

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